VIP Experience

Four women in kilts wearing Ms. Blarney sashes

Ms. Blarney Princesses 2021

Treat yourself to the VIP Experience!

Treat yourself like the VIP you are! We offer VIP passes for each day and a weekend pass (best value)! The VIP pass price includes gate admission.

Perks of being a VIP

  • Not looking to deal with finding a convenient parking spot? Enjoy hassle-free valet parking at the west gate.
  • We know that once you arrive you want to get inside the gate as quickly as possible. VIPs have a private entrance to the fairgrounds via the west gate, so you won't have to wait in line!
  • Finding a seat during the busiest times of the day can be a challenge. You will have unlimited access to the pavilion including priority seating inside and on the pavilion patio. This includes access to indoor restrooms with real plumbing!
  • Even though we're really proud of the food vendors that will be with us this year, sometimes you just need to have a quick bite so you can get back to the festivities! The VIP area of the pavilion will house free catered meals and appetizers/snacks. The food vendor providing the food is yet to be announced.
  • Gotta stay hydrated in that August sun! Your VIP wristband grants you access to free beverages (including water, soda, beer and wine) at the VIP area of the pavilion and an express lane at the beverage tent closest to the main stage. We'd hate for you to miss your favorite performer!
  • It can be hard to find a seat with a good view of the main stage. We will be offering priority VIP seating near the main stage.
  • Hobnob with other VIPs at exclusive meet & greets with featured artists. (Details about dates, times, and performers will be posted when the information becomes available.)
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