Irish Dance 2021!

Since the introduction of Riverdance about two decades ago, interest in Irish dance exploded and has only increased. Minnesotans are luckier than we know to have access to a amazing and stellar variety of Irish dance schools right here in the greater Twin Cities metro area. These schools teach hundreds of kids and adults how to dance jigs, reels, hornpipes, ceilis and much more. 

At the Irish Fair of Minnesota, we like to showcase all of the local schools, groups and dancers that we can.  From toddlers learning their first steps to accomplished dancers pounding out explosive rhythms with their feet, you can see performances throughout the fair across most of our stages. Check out the schedules for the main stages and wee stages to find out when your favorite group is performing.

2021 Irish Fair Dance School Participants:

Casey Academy of Irish Dance
Casey Academy of Irish Dance is a small performance dance school located in the Twin Cities. We strive to combine a contemporary style with a traditional art form, Irish step dancing. As a family inspired school we want everyone to have the opportunity to be enriched with Irish culture. We offer discounted classes for siblings and did we mention boys dance free? For more information you can go to the website listed above or email.

Eilís Academy 
Eilís (Ay-lish) Academy was founded in 2012 by Liz Hines, TCRG. Eilís Academy has trained dancers to the highest caliber of competition in North America. Eilís Academy Dancers are also given the opportunity to perform locally and throughout the midwest. We start dancers age 5 and up* (earlier if previous dance experience or a younger sibling) and welcome dancers of all ages. Liz Hines has been a part of the Twin Cities Irish dance community for over 20 years and is credentialed through An Coimisiun in Dublin Ireland. Eilis Academy hopes to inspire joy of dance in their dancers while instilling the discipline and determination required to succeed in the sport! 

Green Fire Irish Dancers
For 17 years Green Fire Irish Dancers has performed contemporary hard and soft shoe steps and choreographies as well as traditional and historic dances from the early 1800's - early 1900's done in authentic period costume.  We also teach easy dances for audience participation.  Children, teens and adults practice and perform together.  Based in friendship and cooperation rather than competition, Green Fire strives to give all dancers the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Please contact Green Fire at

Hudson Irish Dance Academy
Corey's students are adept at both the competitive and performance aspects of Irish dance. He has coached dancers to great success at Regional, National, and World Championship levels, including 2013/2014 U8/U9 Boys National Champion and multiple World medal holders. Corey has also watched with great pride as his students take the stage performing in touring Irish dance shows across the globe.

Corey took the first steps in his Irish Dancing career over 25 years ago in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. While studying dance at the Irish Centre of Pittsburgh under the tutelage of the incomparable Ms. Tessie Burke, he achieved numerous competitive awards and trained with some of the world's top Irish dance talent. Corey honed his teaching and choreography skills, working side-by-side with former principal dancers from Lord of the Danceand traveling the world as a competition coach with the Bell School of Irish Dance. After completing his accreditation with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha in 2011 Corey earned his T.C.R.G. certification. As a fully-certified instructor, he is licensed to teach solo and team dance to children and adults on both recreational and competitive levels.

Knocknagow Irish Dancers
Knocknagow Irish Dancers are based in Minneapolis/St.Paul area of Minnesota. Active in the Twin Cities since 1985, Knocknagow dances traditional Ceili and Set dances. Many of their dancers have background in Irish step dancing and have studied Sean Nos. Both styles are incorporated into their performaces and choreographies.

Lóma mór Irish Dance Club 

All are welcome.  Check out their website for information on classes and some neat videos that help you learn basic steps at home! 

Mactír Academy of Irish Dance
Mactír Academy of Irish Dance (meaning Wolf Academy of Irish Dance) offers both competitive and performance based classes with a focus on precision, teamwork, and grace. Mactír strives to be the premiere team-based competition school in Minnesota, where dancers and families choose their own journey. Whether that is going to a couple feiseanna (competitions) a year, performing with local and international bands, or competing in the Irish Dance World Championships. Our dancers celebrate this exquisite art form in a variety of settings and spread the joy of Irish Dance to everyone they meet. Mactír Academy is thrilled to have performed at the nation’s largest free Irish Festival since 2014!

Mooncoin Ceili Dancers (virtual event only this year!) 
The excitement of Irish dance is mainly in the legs and feet, with quick, graceful movements or vigorous battering steps carrying dancers though the complex, often geometrically patterned dances. Irish ceili and set dance are forms of dance that have traditionally been practiced socially. These are the dances that have brought people together for celebrations of all kinds throughout Irish history. Mooncoin Ceili Dancers honor these traditional dances, while infusing them with a modern performance spirit. We also create new dances in the ceili and set styles, demonstrating that all traditions are living, growing, constantly evolving entities that bring many and varied meanings into the lives of those who share them.

North Star Irish Dancers
North Star Irish Dance is a program offering Irish dance in a competition-free environment. Dancing in Eden Prairie and Northfield, NSID's strength is embracing dancers of various levels and customizing teaching styles to individual needs. NSID also frequently volunteers in the community as a part of their mission of Connecting to Community while Fostering Tradition.

Onórach Mulhern Geraghty School of Irish Dance (OMG)

The Onórach Mulhern Geraghty School of Irish Dance offers lessons in Eden Prairie and Plymouth, MN. They also have another US location in the Chicago area as well as an International presence in Dublin! Originally the Mulhern School of Irish Dance, the school was established by sisters Eileen Mulhern O’Kane and Coleen Mulhern Malloy, both accomplished dancers themselves who have trained with Irish Dance legends Pat Roche, Dennis & Margie Dennehy, and Michael Flatley. They expanded their school from Chicago up to the Twin Cities in 2011, and most recently completed the international expansion to create OMG in early 2020—joining with Ireland’s Brian Geraghty, ADCRG. OMG trains both recreational and competitive dancers-- Introductory Beginners up through the top Championship level of competition; they also emphasize traditional ceili team dancing. The school has earned Regional, National, and Great Britain Championship titles, and many World, All Ireland, All Scotland and British National podium placements. In addition to the school’s many competitive accomplishments around the world, they were instrumental in establishing two Irish music and dance competitions in the Twin Cities - the Northern Mid-America Championship and the 10,000 Lakes Feis. OMG loves Irish Fair and has been performing at it since 2014!  The school’s performers will range from four year olds up to nineteen year olds, from beginner and first time performers to World Qualified dancers. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @omgirishdance.

O'Neill School of Irish Dance (bio coming )

O’Shea Irish Dance
O'Shea Irish Dance is led by director Cormac O'Sé T.C.R.G. (certified instructor with An Coimisiún Le Rinci Gaelacha), original cast member of Riverdance & native of Dublin, Ireland. Cormac comes from a deep pedigree with the legendary Scoil Rince Uí Shé of Dublin, Ireland, taught by his parents for the last 47 years. Cormac toured for six years with Riverdance, performing over 2000 performances, across four continents to over two million people. He can be seen in the original film, Riverdance, The Show and four other film productions.  Established in 2005, OID provides training for the demanding and technical art form of traditional and competitive Irish Step dance where dancers train as artists, musicians, and athletes. Teaching ages three to adult, OID instructors inform the whole dancer to train a healthy body in strength, flexibility, and fitness as well as a healthy mind in confidence, discipline, and performance.   OID's Minnesota dancers have achieved 9 Regional Solo Championship titles, 2 Regional Ceili Titles, 2 National Championship Titles and 6 top-ten placements in the World Championships bringing the only 2 world globes home to the state.  O’Shea Irish Dance features their dancers in performances throughout the year, and produces two professional, full-length theatrical shows annually at several Twin Cities venues, including Stepping Stone Theater, Chanhassen Dinner Theater, and the Fitzgerald Theater.

Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers
The Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers are a performance-based Irish dance school from St. Paul. Founded in 2003 by owner and director Katie Stephens Spangler, Rince na Chroi averages over 100 public performances throughout the year- and the Irish Fair of Minnesota is always a highlight! Rince na Chroi has over 200 dancers of all ages, and they accept students as young as three, up through adults. Their dancers perform year-round at venues and events all over the Twin Cities and the Midwest. Visit their website or find Rince na Chroi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more information.

Rince na Gréine
Rince na Gréine (RINK-ah nah GRAHN-ya) means "Dance of the Sun" in Irish. We teach traditional Irish Dance to ages 3 through adult. At Rince na Gréine, we want our dancers to experience the joy of Irish Dance in any way they want to, whether that is just for recreation, or through performance or competition.  We are an Open Platform school, meaning we welcome anyone to dance with us.​​

Rince Nua Irish Dance
Located in Maple Grove, Rince Nua is an award-winning studio that offers training and development programs for Children, Champions, and Teachers. Our Children’s Program focuses on progressive skill development and healthy dance practices. We teach Irish Dance in a traditional manner where children do not overcross or do toe stands. Our Champion Program focuses on advanced skill mastery, team performance and competition experiences, and sport-specific training. Our Teacher Program focuses on developing leaders in our community to teach and coach in a way that utilizes their own unique strengths and keeps the student’s best interest in mind. If you would like to visit our studio to try out a class, you can go to, or contact us at

Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance
The Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance is one of the longest running schools in the Twin Cities and is a performance and competitive school with many accomplished dancers at all levels. Our school is steeped in Irish culture and tradition as our founder- May Kirmer Buckley was born in Dublin, Ireland and a prominent dancer at the Theater Royle in Dublin’s fair city that moved to the US in 1945 after marry a “a prominent American soldier and a good looking Yankee in a uniform!” A love of Irish Dance and of continuing to foster the perfection and a passion for this sport/art form is what our school is all about. We offer classes from 4 through college ages and are based in Eagan, MN. We love participating in the Irish Fair of Minnesota and welcome new students.