Dance Activities



Performance Dance Tent
Located near Pavilion

Since the introduction of Riverdance about two decades ago, interest in Irish dance has exploded. The wide variety of Irish dance schools we have in Minnesota teach nearly 1,000 kids and adults how to dance jigs, reels, hornpipes and much more. At least five adult groups regularly perform year-round throughout the state.

At the Irish Fair of Minnesota, we like to showcase all these schools, groups and dancers. From toddlers learning their first steps to accomplished dancers pounding out explosive rhythms with their feet, you can see performances throughout the fair in the Dance Tent.

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Crossroads Social Dance Tent
Located north of Sports Field

Kick up your own heels in the Crossroads Social Dance Tent, a swinging hotspot for Irish social dances based on the traditional folk dances of Ireland. All weekend long, we will be hosting ceílí (kay-lee) and set dancing with lessons in the basic steps and movements of each dance. We will run two-hour sessions all three days, alternating between set dancing, ceílí dancing and other styles.

There will be big dances at the end of each day accompanied by some of the Twin Cities’ finest traditional Irish musicians. Join these talented teachers and dance callers for what is sure to be a great time!