Zero K Race | August 12 & 13

This is a family-friendly fundraising event and a community galvanizer that celebrates the good life. The three-foot “race” will begin on the Fair’s sports field on Saturday and Sunday on Harriet Island in St. Paul, Minn. No hills, no stairs and no exertion - simply a fun and no sweat way to support the Irish Fair of Minnesota. 


The race will have two available times, Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13 at 2pm.  Register in advance only for $20 or the day of the event $30. T-Shirts are unisex and range from small to 3XL.


Participants will receive a t-shirt, beverage and snack. Purchase tickets.


Rules of Entry

The Best Legs in a Kilt Contest is open to men of all ages.

  1. Each contestant must be male and wearing a tartan style or contemporary style kilt. Sporran, kilt hose, Flashes, ghillie brouges, boots, etc. are optional attire and not required to be a contestant.
  2. The categories will be: -Best Legs in a Kilt Grand Champion, -Best Distinguished Gentlemen Legs in a Kilt,  -Best Legs in a Kilt, Youth Division -Best Chicken Legs in a Kilt, -Best Tattooed Legs in a Kilt, -Best Crowd Pleaser and –Mr. Congeniality.  Other Categories may be added at the discretion of the contest organizers. Categories will close when entry slots are full. Register early.
  3. NO portion of the contestant's attire or behavior may contain explicit or offensive material or actions. Undergarments must be worn under kilt. No contestant may be carrying any dangerous weapons as part of their attire.
  4. Each contestant must complete his registration form by 2pm Saturday to receive entry into the contest. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED.
  5. Voting and final decisions are made by a panel of celebrity judges. The votes will be tallied and the contestants with the highest number of votes in each category may be summoned to appear on stage for the final voting. The contestant that receives the highest votes overall shall be proclaimed the winner of the competition. All decisions are final.
  6. By entering the Best Legs in a Kilt Contest, you are giving permission for the use of any/all photos IMDA or Irish Fair of Minnesota may take for publicity purposes.
Soda Bread and Scones Baking Competition

Irish Fair of Minnesota sponsors an annual baking competition open to amateur cooks. The contest has two main categories, soda bread and scones.

Soda Bread Category

Traditional Irish Soda Bread is made without leavening, using baking soda instead of yeast or baking powder to make the dough rise. This gives the bread a special flavor that borders on the taste of cake. Traditional recipes include flour, baking soda, salt, buttermilk or sour milk, and butter. All purpose, wheat, bran, or rye flours can be used. For more information about traditional Irish soda breads, visit - The traditional soda bread category features two sections: white bread and brown bread.

Scones Category

In Ireland, scones are often served with afternoon tea. They are made with many of the same ingredients as soda bread. Traditional recipes include salt, flour, baking soda, buttermilk, sour milk and butter. Scones entries should be submitted as a plate of 3 scones. - The scone category only has one section: traditional scones.

Baking Competition Rules:

  • Open to amateur bakers.
  • Maximum two entries per person.
  • Scone entries should be a plate of 3.
  • Please bring your entries on a disposable plate. Presentation is not a criterion for judging. Irish Fair of Minnesota is not responsible for the return of items.
  • Unclaimed Ribbons and prizes will be forfeited.
  • All remaining portions of the entries will be discarded for sanitary reasons.
  • By entering the Baking Competition, you are giving permission to Irish Fair of Minnesota for the use of your name and likeness for publicity purposes.

Entry Forms must be received by August 8th to qualify. All bread and scone entries will be judged by a panel of bakers on Saturday August 12 at Noon. 


Designated Dropoff Location

Cultural Area/Tea Room at the Irish Fair of Minnesota. Entries must be delivered by 11:00 PM on the day of the contest. 

Photo Contest

Shoot and Score in the Irish Fair of Minnesota Photo Contest

Now is the time to consider an adventure. Wouldn't it be fun to have a crowd admire your photograph?  Think about the engaging conversations that will occur as you describe how you captured that special moment. 
The Irish Fair of Minnesota conducts a photo contest every year. The photos are displayed every day during the fair in The Cultural Area which is the Pavilion.  Judges are professional photographers. There are prizes to be won!
Category choices are People, Scenery, and Studies in Black & White. 
Dig through your old photos, think about a great photo at a Minnesota Irish event, or dream about all the camera shots you can take during your trip to Ireland.
The Photo Contest is a great way to be interactive with the fair.

Irish Photo Competition Entry Guidelines


  • People – One or more persons are dominant subjects in which the photographer portrays an aspect of Irish culture. Winning entries best evoke their subjects’ feelings or spirits.
  • Scenery – The mood of a place, or a setting in which mood is conveyed. There may be people in the photo, but they must be incidental to the picture.
  • Studies in Black and White – Photos of people and/or scenery. Winning entries best use black and white imagery to prompt a feeling or response in the viewer.

First place winners in each category receive the special McConnon Award Ribbon, named after the contest founder, and a prize (TBD). Second & third place winners receive ribbons and prizes as well.

All contest entries are displayed in the Irish Fair Cultural Tent for the duration of the Fair.

Photo Contest Rules

  • Open to amateur photographers
  • Maximum two entries per category
  • Size: at least 4x6 inches, but no more than 11x14 inches
  • Entries must be MATTED; no frames permitted
  • Entries must be labeled on front side of photo as to place picture taken
  • Download contest entry form & submit a separate, completed form with each photo
  • Drop off sites: - Irish on Grand 1124 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, 651-222-5151 
  • Entries can also be mailed to Irish on Grand
  • Judging is prior to Irish Fair opening. Winning entries receive ribbons and prizes. All photos are displayed in the pavilion for the duration of the fair
  • Photos should be reclaimed Sunday, August 13 from 5:00-6:00pm. IRISH FAIR ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR PHOTOS NOT CLAIMED WITH THE SPECIFIED TIME. 
  • If you wish your photo returned by mail, you must enclose a stamped, self addressed mailing envelope.