2019 Irish on Grand Celtic Marketplace Vendors

All Things Herbal - We offer a wide range of products for your face and body using plant oils and our own handcrafted infusions. Come check out our Irish Collection of soaps, among other natural products.

Aloha Jewelry & Gifts - Gifts for every occasion.

American Irish Luck - Irish themed clothing. 

Anchor Full Service Travel - Worldwide travel consultants specializing in Ireland and United Kingdom.

Because I Like It! - We offer a wide variety of hats, scarves, handbags, jackets, jewelry and general gift items made in Ireland.

Blue Frogs - We specalize in handmade wood carvings of Celtic and Viking knots. 

Carbony Celtic Winds - Carbony Celtic Winds offer musicians innovative instruments that blend the advantages of modern carbon fiber technology with the time tested designs of traditional craftsmen. Our whistles flutes, bagpipes and didgeridoos have the acoustical properties of wood with the stability and longevity of carbon fiber.

Celtic Bag Co. - We carry a full line of Celtic inspired handbags and utility bags for women and men. You can find us at one of the many Celtic festivals throughout the country. You can also contact us for orders. Slainte!

Celtic Clothing Co. - CelticClothing.com supplies comfortable and fashionable Irish clothing to an extensive Irish-American client base. With their impressive digital footprint CelticClothing.com is an established and leading e-commerce company.

The Celtic Croft - The Celtic Croft has one of the largest selections of kilts, tartans, acessories, Clan Crests, Coat of Arms, Celtic jewelry, kilted skirts and decor to compliment your Scottish, Irish, and Welsh heritage. Family owned and operated in the USA.

The Celtic Cross - Embriodery and rubbings of gravestones and acient monuments from Ireland and Scotland. 

Celtic Journeys -  Specialising in Extraordinary Journeys to IRELAND & Beyond

Celtic Photograpy - Photography can capture a moment for all time. It can take you back to places you have been or transport you to places you have always dreamed of going. It can touch a place inside you, and make you smile or laugh or even cry. It can turn a back alley full of beer kegs into art or make you see a wizard in a waterfall. It can bring back or create memories. It can turn the commonplace into the extraordinary.

Celtic Vibe - Celtic Embroidered Men's button down shirts, Celtic Embellished hats for men and women, Celtic inspired clothing and Celtic inspired jewelry.

Celtique Creations - Celtique Creations' main focus is Celtic embroidered apparel and accessories, such as T-shirts and messenger bags. They also have a small selection of Celtic jewelry and gifts.

Center for Irish Music The Center for Irish Music is a non-profit music school dedicated to handing down traditional Irish music to the next generation of musicians in our community. Stop by to find out about fall class offerings, our open house, and upcoming events. CIM t-shirts and live CD recordings of master Irish musicians available.

Classic Irish - Scottish and Celtic T-shirts, Hoodies, ball caps, kids clothes, key chains, magnets, etc.

Dark River Pottery and Forge - Hand crafted ceramics for the home. We specialize in custom glazing patterns and hand painting.

Dragonflies and Cards - Handmade cards

Fireball Designs Celebrate your Irish and Celtic heritage with our family friendly Irish themed Temporary Airbrush Tattoos! Whatever your age, wear your Irish pride, and have the fun last for days!

Galway Bakers Galway Bakers follow the recipes of our family from generations ago, perfected and handed down to us by our great grandmother. As sisters born and raised in Galway, we bake traditional Irish breads and scones, Nana's Brown Bread, Nana's Irish Soda Bread, scones in a variety of flavors, Double Chocolate Guinness Cake, Guinness, Jameson and Bailey's Cake, Galway Tea Cake and Guinness Cake.

Got Kilt Whether it is a traditional plaid, cargo kilt, utility kilt, women's modern kilt, tartan skirt, skilt or a kid’s kilt – we have something to help you get rid of your pants.

Halo - Handmade crowns for girls. 

Harpstone Contemporary, Celtic and wirework jewelry.

Harrington the Irish Grocer - Imported Irish groceries & candies

Hayman Celtic Jewelry - Michael Hayman has been making handmade Celtic jewelry since 1990 as a self-trained smith working without aid of computers or photo-etching to create his work. I strive for a level of authenticity in technique and motif to match the masterwork of ancient Celtic and Medieval smiths.

Healthy Solutions - Organic Hemp products. 

HEX Clothing Co. - Handmade bags, sweatshirts, and ladies apparel, as well as unisex Minnesota themed apparel/accessories.

Highland Kilt Co. Highland Kilt Company offers an affordable Kilt Package including a high quality kilt AND leather sporran for just $89, available in over 60 different unique tartans, plus Cargo Kilts, T-shirts, and more!

House of Henna - Henna art with an Irish theme! 

inFamous Welsh Cookie Co.  A delicious assortment of Welsh Miners Cakes based on my grandmother’s recipe. We've developed 15 different flavors, all as tantalizing as the original.

Irish on Grand - St. Paul, MN based busiess which stocks jewelry, artwork, and music, as well as Irish tea, clothing, food, crystal and gifts.

Irish Collection -  Heraldry, Coat of Arms and Histories, children’s first name prints. Irish Blessings, gifts and more from Peter Townsend!

Junque in thy Trunk Artist Tara Vojta brings together new and found objects to create unique jewelry and wearable accessories. In addition, Tara melts down recycled glass bottles to create spoon rest/cheese trays with coordinating beaded flatware.

Kāmaguṇa Guitars and Mandolins Hand-made / hand-crafted guitars.

Kiltman - The best in contemporary kilts, the greatest pockets in the world, home of the Kiltman Exchange, and the internet's top promoter of the ethic of masculinity.

Liam Shard Jewelry - I began producing shard (chard) jewelry as an experiment to recycle damaged antique china around 2002. My efforts were well-received and Liam Shard Jewelry as born. Over the years I have mastered my craft and have expanded my collection to include pins, pendants, bracelets, drawer pulls, and wine stoppers, yet still manage to create each piece myself (with research and prep help from my partner Corey). I showcase my work at select art shows, private home showings, and in my online store.

Lucky Irish Penny

Magickally Intertwined - Handmade wire wrap jewelry, rings, ear jewelry, hair pieces, bracelets and necklaces.

Majikah Perfumery

Moonbeams - Handmade hair jewelry/copper roses

Museum Replica Jewlery

Mystic Ireland We are the Guinness people selling Guinness products, as well as wool sweaters, capes and all kinds of jackets.

Nordic Treasures - Handmade drinking horns with stands and holders, horn mugs, tankards and horn whiskey shot cups.

Out of Ireland Our passion is to offer you authentic traditionally made and handcrafted items of the highest quality from Ireland.

Philosopher's Stone - We offer an assortment of jewelry, apparel and gift items!

Photo Letter Art - Photo Letter Project started seven years ago in Minneapolis. I sought out other photographers who were interested and now we act kind of like a collective, with seven of us that take pictures and bring you letters from across the United States and Europe! Our collection continues to grow.

Sean's Celtic Creations Sean's Celtic Creations features original jewelry designs by California artist Sean Berton. Sean's work represents an innovative and symbolic union of traditional and contemporary motifs in sterling silver and 14k gold.

Sylvanwoods - Handmade fairy wings, hats, wands, skirts, garlands and other accessories. I also make dragon wings and dragon tails and mermaid tails for adults and children.

Timeless Irish Treasures - Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Enamel & Crystal Jewelry, Celtic Magic Mood jewelry and a beautiful selection of Irish gifts. Timeless Irish Treasures is also the creator of the “Irish Blessing Jewelry”, “The Claddagh Pearl”, “Keltic Keys to your Kingdom”, Kharma Bracelets, and our all-new Scarf Jewelry.

Tradewinds - modern and antique jewelry

Twisted Lotus Boutique - Women's Boutique