Board Members:

Chair: Mike Wiley
Vice Chair: Andrea Jamma

Treasurer: Jim Cady
Secretary: Laura Valentine
Tim Buggy

Michael Gibbons
Vince Gillespie

Dave Korus
Paul McCluskey

Tim Monahan
Patrick O’Donnell

Dennis Stanton

Katie Stephens-Spangler


Application Process for Membership to the Board:

The Board of Directors of the Irish Fair of Minnesota (Board) is committed to having an effective and relevant Board of Directors.  To meet this ongoing goal the Board has established an application process for Board membership.


There are currently up to 17 Board positions. It is expected that the number will be reduced upon completion of the transition. Member terms are for three years and are staggered with up to one third of the members elected every year. Terms run January 01 - December 31.


Currently, the Board meets monthly. This is subject to change. In addition, there are a variety of Board and working committees. Board members are expected to be actively involved with, or provide leadership to, at least one Board committee and one working committee.


We encourage persons with backgrounds in non-profit law, accounting or financial management, or fundraising to apply.


Applications for membership will be accepted between September 15 and October 15, 2016.


The required application documents are as follows:

  1. A letter of interest explaining why the applicant desires to join the Board. The letter should include the applicant's prior experience with non-profit Boards, experience with or interest in Irish Culture, and demonstrated support of the Irish Fair of Minnesota.
  2. Three letters of reference.

Applications should be submitted to the Chair of the Irish Fair of Minnesota at: chair@irishfair.com